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There are only 2 types of people who tip-toe.

When Love Lies, the Stage Play

After suffering the loss of her mother, father, failed marriage and miscarriage, Brooklyn Nichelle Walker, mother to 9 year old Sky, has finally found love in Chris Taylor. In her eyes, Chris rescued her.
A hard-working man, Chris has given Brooklyn a life that one could only imagine but their life abruptly changes when love lies. Chris and Brooklyn are taken on a tumultuous journey. Will they recover? Will they find “The Way”? Or, will they die in the process?

Abortions, lies, deceit, and faith! Will Brooklyn make the right decision? Will Chris make the right decision? Who will make it out alive? When Love Lies is a thriller on stage! Get ready to cry, shout, clap, laugh, and be utterly shocked by the turn of events in, When Love Lies.

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[heading title=”Who Is Tymika (with a Y)” delay=”300″]

A mother. An actress. A playwright. A director. An author. An entrepreneur.

Winner of the 2019’s Director of the Year award and nominated for 2019’s Play of the Year

Tymika (with a Y) Chambliss is all of those things and so much more. Born in the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana, this chocolate, Cajun woman does not know the meaning of defeat. She began writing stories and poems at the age of 10; writing gave her the opportunity to create a world of her own. She made the decision to release her words to the world, and she has been soaring ever since.

Tymika has worked on numerous community theater productions, commercials, and a web-series. All of those opportunities have shaped her into the director/producer you see today. She will boldly tell you that the road was never easy, but it was necessary and well worth the journey.

The self-proclaimed “Queen of Theater Drama” is taking the world by storm with her stage production “When Love Lies.” This stage production is a dramatic thrill ride that is guided by real-life events and a HUGE imagination. Tymika (with a Y) is ready to make her mark on the world and she invites you to take this journey with her.

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Audience Love
(General Admission)


[pricing name=”VIP” value=”30″ currency=”$” feature=”featured” name_button=”Purchase Now” link_button=”https://whenlovelies.simpletix.com/e/45074?fbclid=IwAR3jybLPyomxE5G7zleIA2O9lmXtwVpePUwVjspIa6wzrKBRuYGgTOOBB9Qmja66kH438Dl5UXJoRI0IR-fcPyb7eezvLZ6DfaHcNwHgZbGh2jwfWLUnIe4pO2tHcnTQZptAH3aJEJnfyHlWO95Qtq-XjzmvH5eCNkFypBI6H1Me6Fs” extra_link=”false”]

Spotlight VIP
(Reserved Seating)



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